Daily Reflection for March 26, 2011

Mi. 7:14-15, 18-20 Lk. 15:1-3, 11-32
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I read recently this story of a young social worker who, while exiting the subway station, was approached by a young kid who, taking out a knife, asked for his money.  The man, without resistance, gave him the wallet.

As the kid was leaving the station, the man called out to the boy and handed him his coat; he figured that if he was going to continue with his “fundraising escapades,” he might as well be warm.

The kid, baffled from the man’s actions, asked the question: “why?”  After a simple answer, the man asked the kid if he wanted to get some dinner, after all that was where he was headed; the kid accepted.  The man was known at this small diner and was friendly to everyone—and to the kid’s surprise—even to the dishwasher man.  The kid was even more baffled as to why this man was so kind and loving of every one, the man asked him a simple question: “Haven’t you been taught to be nice to everyone?” and the kid responded:”Yeah, but I didn’t think people actually behaved this way.”

As we read today’s readings, we see that the main theme of the Gospel and the first reading and even the Psalm is about God’s kindness, forgiveness and undying love for us.  As we reflect on this Lenten season, we are reminded of this kindness, forgiveness, and undying love, which is signified through the cross.

We are reminded that no matter how many times we fail or how many times we might think we have failed that there is always God and his never ending love.  It is hard at times to remember this when we live in a world where we are looking for approval from our peers at all times; our hearts and minds never at ease because of the “what will they think of me?”

In today’s readings we are assured that this constant worrying does not matter, let us then in this Lenten season become aware of this undying love God has for us and how we are or are not acting upon such love.

Jose Venta
Senior in the School of Education and Public Service


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