Daily Reflection for March 28, 2011

2 Kgs. 5:1-15b Lk. 4:24-30
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Do you have respect from others but something is holding you back, bothering you inside?  Do you search for happiness in the wrong places?  How can you start to see healing and forgiveness through God’s little graces?

In the first reading today, Naaman is an extremely well liked, successful soldier, yet he is plagued with leprosy.  Seeking healing, he arrives at the king of Israel’s door bearing gifts.  However, the king cannot heal him.  He then stumbles upon a simple man of God, who gives him the little task of washing himself seven times in the River Jordan.  Naaman is skeptical, but once he washes himself, his leprosy is healed.

Many times, we have little regrets we hold within ourselves and seek to heal.  However, we may search for contentment by looking to material goods, getting other’s approval of us, or simply keeping our issues to ourselves.  God can help us heal if we let Him.  Take time to ponder this: how is God opening His arms to us so that we may restore ourselves to health, peace, and happiness?

Perry Cole
Junior Political Science and Theological Studies major
Actively involved in Alpha Phi Omega and CLC


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