Daily Reflection for April 8, 2011

Wis. 2:1a, 12-22 Jn. 7:1-2, 10, 25-30
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“You know me, and you know where I am from,” Jesus shouts in irony. During this time of Lent, I find it important to ask myself: Do I really know Christ? The people of Jerusalem in the Gospel presume that they know Jesus the man of Nazareth and fail to recognize the hidden divinity of their Messiah. Therefore, Jesus says, they do not know the Father. In many passages of the Gospel, Jesus spoke, said, or preached. Here, He “cried out” to the people. Why? Was His heart broken that He was misunderstood by the people He would love to the end, to the very cross?

Again, do we really know the Christ whose ultimate sacrifice we remember during Lent? Christ laid down His life that we might know Him and know His love for each of us. How do we become blinded such that we cannot recognize Christ in those around us? Do we presume to know a person yet fail to recognize the Christ within, the inherent dignity of the human person?

Don’t just give up chocolate for Lent; give up presumptions. We can only know God if our vision is not clouded by limited perceptions of ourselves and others. Some practical suggestions for seeking to know God in a deeper way: Reach out to someone you don’t know very well. Give someone who has troubled you a second chance. Find out something new and beautiful about someone who is close to you. Let a Gospel passage speak to your heart, and learn about the life of Christ within you. Recognize Christ in yourself and in others, despite the imperfections. Forgive. As we practice prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Lent, may God open our hearts to truly know Him and to recognize Him in every person we meet.

Kelsey Shaver
Graduate student studying Physical Therapy
Assists with R.C.I.A. and is involved Upper Room and Campion Society


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