Daily Reflection for April 9, 2011

Jer. 11:18-20 Jn. 7:40-53
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When I first read through the readings for today, I could not help but be drawn to say that they epitomize Lent and what it means to me. In both readings, the idea of sacrifice speaks to me deeply. Jeremiah recounts how his trust in the Lord has given him redemption. This idea of trusting in the Lord and giving all of my heart and mind to God sounds like such a great idea, and it is seems simple, too.

Sadly they are not so simple; these readings did not sit well with me because they call me, and my fellow brothers and sisters, to a very deep sacrifice. It is good that we fully trust God, but there is more we are called to do. We must act on that trust, realizing that God will redeem us when we have truly given Him all of us. “Like a trusting lamb led to slaughter,” we must each be meek and humble—not fighting the Lord’s ways or lashing out when we do not understand. This, of all things, is difficult for me. It is hard to sacrifice—even in little ways for God—much less the ways of radical love proclaimed by Jesus. However, we can have hope that in each in our own time, God will show us the way to Him, and we will lovingly and trustingly follow. The pinnacle of this loving trust is Jesus Christ. As the Gospel shows us, the opinions of the masses and the authorities were varied towards Jesus. This did not deter Him from His mission. In the face of great adversity and danger, he continued on doing the work of God. He had been sent for a purpose, and He put full trust in the Father.

I feel called by these readings to trust God fully. I do not only feel called; I feel challenged. God knows each of our abilities, our strengths and weaknesses. He truly knows our hearts and our minds. With this, He knows that we are all capable of the radical love of Christ. I am challenged, as the World is called, to trust God every day and in every way. We are challenged to love when it is hard, just as we love when it is easy. We are challenged to give up ourselves and become beacons of the Light of Christ, shining for the World.

Ian Paetow, Freshman studying Theology and International Studies


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