Daily Reflection for April 14, 2011

Gn. 17:3-9 Jn. 8:51-59
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Who do I make myself out to be? If the Jews found this a worthy question to ask of Jesus, then I am certain that there is much to gain by extending this to myself as well. I suppose, to answer this question, I must further ask, “Who am I? Am I worthy of I AM?” I know that as I strive to be God’s steward in the world—to both see the face of God in others and be a face of God to those I meet. I often struggle to find and commit to the level of relationship with the Lord and with others that can propel this growth. As I yearn to know God, I must also seek out the wisdom to fight for justice so that all the peoples of the covenant may to share in the journey to come closer to God. For me, it seems stewardship and commitment to I AM transcend any traditional definitions of being and requires a submission to the journey to know God.

As this Lenten season draws to a close, how I can sustain my Lenten solidarities and incorporate them into who I am? Lent should not last for only 40 days; rather, Lent provides us all with a great opportunity to take what we have experienced and shared together these past months and transform that into action.

Our daily choices have major impacts on our relationship with God, each other, the global community, and ourselves. To take the experiences of these 40 days of Lent and propel them into our lives, to live with intentionality and purpose – that’s where the challenge remains. So who do I make myself out to be? I don’t know yet, but I am ready to continue on my journey to know God, to invite mutual support and understanding of God’s people, and embrace the mystery of I AM.

Stephanie Swinehart
Junior studying Business Administration and International Studies with a minor in Political Science
Currently studying abroad in Geneva this semester


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