Daily Reflection: March 13, 2012

Tuesday of the third week of Lent

Dn 3:25, 34-43

Ps 25:4-5ab, 6 and 7bc, 8-9

Mt 18:21-35

The readings for the day can be found here.


Who holds you accountable for your actions? Teachers, Supervisors, Administrators, Parents, Peers, God? Do you hold yourself accountable? Perhaps most importantly, do you set standards for others that are consistent with your own?

Today’s readings tell a story of a man that forgives his servant for not paying his debt when it is due. This servant is very grateful for his master’s mercy. However, the servant shows no mercy for those that are in debt to him—rather he condemns them for their inability to pay. The servant held his peers to a higher standard than his master was holding him to.

The importance of apathy resonates throughout the readings and challenges us to reflect on our daily interactions. The “Golden Rule” is a principle that many of us are familiar with. Treating others in a way that we wish to be treated in return is simple in theory, but it becomes a challenge when we are called to act in accordance with it. The servant in Matthew’s gospel failed to live by this rule. Do you treat your roommates and co-workers in the same way that you want to be treated? When working in a group, do you expect others to contribute more effort than you are willing to put forth? Do you live by the Golden Rule? God constantly reminds us that we are not perfect, but we can use this rule in order to guide our actions as we strive for justice in our community.

As our Lenten journey continues, we are the ones holding ourselves accountable. Treat others accordingly, and remember that we all have something significant to contribute to our community—regardless of our differences.


Matthew Belanger is a junior studying Public Health.  He is a Resident Advisor and a Senator in the Student Government Association.

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