Daily Reflection: March 21, 2012

Wednesday of the fourth week of Lent

Is 49:8-15

Ps 145:8-9, 13cd-14, 17-18

Jn 5:17-30

The readings for the day can be found here.


How often when we pray to God do we simply tell God thank you for everything He has given us? How often do we simply just try and have a conversation with Him? Do we ever just have a conversation with God thinking maybe he’s a little tired of all the stress and work we all place upon him? If we take a step back from our busy everyday lives, we can truly be amazed with how much He has given us. We often fail to realize just how lucky we are to have the talents we have, to share the love we share, and the lives we live. God gave us everything we have, and without him we could never even have imagined the lives we live. The time of Lent gives us the opportunity to take that first step back. We are able to step back from our busy everyday lives, and take the time to reflect upon what all God so graciously has given to all of us. Once we do this, we may ask ourselves: “How could I ever even begin to pay God back for all of this?” Lent gives us just the opportunity to do this as well. We are able to separate ourselves from something we may consider very important to us, and try to thank God for giving us all that he has. In doing so, we may also discover just how unimportant these material possessions or pleasures are. Maybe what God gave us is what really matters. It is not the items we consume, but the simplest aspects of just living that make us who we really are. The simple everyday actions and habits that we do day in and day out are what make us who we really are. It is these things that would be impossible to ever have without the grace of God. So take this time in Lent to separate yourselves from the things we consume in life that we consider to be most important, and realize that the best things we have in life were given to us for free by God. It once we can do this that we can truly feel the liberation intended from the Lenten season.


Andy Wilmes is a sophomore majoring in Health Management.

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