Daily Reflection: March 24, 2012

Saturday of the fourth week of Lent

Jer 11:18-20

Ps 7:2-3, 9bc-10, 11-12

Jn 7:40-53

The readings for the day can be found here.

The reading and Psalm for this day make reference to “taking refuge in the Lord”.  Simply put that means trusting Him.  But trust does not come easy to many of us.  We have been let down so many times by people we knew (or thought we did) and people we trusted.  We even felt let down by the Lord sometimes.  Admit it, there were times when you and I prayed for things and they didn’t happen.  As a result, our faith in Him was shaken.  Some of us may have put our trust in other things like money, power, relationships and the like.  However, these things will never sustain us as the Lord can.

Trust in the Lord is a basic foundation for our faith as Christians.  We believe that He created everything on Earth and controls it all.  Nothing happens without His knowledge.  As we mature in our faith we understand that the Lord works in His purpose, not ours.  When we align ourselves with His purpose for us in our lives, great things begin to happen.  We have to mature in our faith to develop and maintain our trust in Him.  The best way to do that is to work on your personal relationship with the Lord.

This Lenten season, I encourage each of you to make an effort to deepen your personal relationship with the Lord.  How do you do that?  In the same way as you would with anyone else: you interact with them on a regular basis.  To that end, take some time out each day to do the following:

1)      Read your Bible.  You can get to know the Lord by reading His word and finding out more about what He has planned for the world.  Once you start, you will find that the situations are as relevant today as they were then.  The answers to your problems today are covered.

2)      Talk to Him.  Sing His praises.  Tell Him how much you adore Him.  Seek His guidance.  Share your joys and concerns.  It is true, He already knows all these things, but He desires a relationship with you.  When you interact with Him in these ways, you are building that relationship.

3)      Take some time to listen to Him.  God will direct your path if you let Him.  If you ask Him for something, give Him the time to respond.  It may take a few days or a few months; be patient.  Once you hear from Him, you can be sure of your next move.  So be still and let Him speak into your heart.

Lori Jones is an Instructor in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.


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