Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday of the First Week of Lent

JON 3:1-10

PS 51:3-4, 12-13, 18-19

LK 11:29-32

The readings for the day can be found here.


Today’s gospel is a good reminder of the mystery of God.  Many people of Jesus’ time did not understand who he was, and even his own apostles sometimes struggled to believe.  They asked for signs, for Jesus to prove himself.  Sometimes I imagine myself back in that time, and I try to picture what it would be like if I knew a man like Jesus.  Would I understand who he was?  Would I have the faith to trust him, some guy that I knew?  I can’t imagine how difficult it would actually be, and I would probably be one of the people asking to see some sort of sign that could guide me in knowing who this man really was.  Because of our humanity we cannot grasp the fullness of who and what God is, but in our daily lives we catch glimpses if we take time to look.  Relationships consist in getting to know another person better, and we do this with God in our relationship with him.  It is a long process, but Jesus asks us to trust in his mystery, in his greatness.

“There is something greater than Solomon here,” “there is something greater than David here,” says Jesus.  When we feel lost, confused, and challenged by our faith, we hold onto the mystery of Christ.  It is okay that we do not understand, but amidst the business of daily life, the gospel calls us to stop, take a moment, and recognize the sacredness, the vastness, the significance of this season of lent and of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.  With humble and contrite hearts, we recommit ourselves to a God who gives us the most perfect love.  We acknowledge our shortcomings and we repent in word and in action, because only this will draw us closer to the heart of God – a heart that of perfect love and forgiveness.  Like the Ninevites from the first reading, God forgives us and saves us, not in scorn and resentment for our failures, but in unconditional love.  As humans, we work to find and create that unconditional love and acceptance from others here on earth and we must remember that God will always provide that for us.  What a humbling, humbling truth.  Let us remember this lent the hugeness and awesomeness that is God, and with humble and contrite hearts he will always show us mercy.

Sarah Hanel is a Junior studying Social Work and Spanish.  She is a member of
the Micah Program, SLUCORE, and the Spanish Mass community.




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