A Quick Look at American Veterans

Below is a “must see” visual snapshot of the demographics of our nation’s veterans, especially in terms of education of and career prospects for veterans. While a veteran is more likely than the average American to have earned a high school diploma, only 26 percent of veterans 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree.

A veteran is more than twice as likely as a non-veteran to hold a position in public administration. Many veterans are also employed in the manufacturing and education fields. SLU has nearly 100 undergraduate majors, many of which also have graduate programs, and welcomes veteran students. For a complete listing of majors and programs at SLU, visit our website.

SLU also offers a special tuition rate for military, veterans, and their dependents for the online aviation management program. To learn more about this program, visit the Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology website.

A Snapshot of Our Nation's Veterans infographic image [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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