Dogs: The Best Medicine

Much like SLU’s Jesuit mission, “…men and women for others,” soldiers uphold the time-honored tradition to help one another. Organizations such as Paws for Purple Hearts serve as a good example of this.

Veterans work for Paws for Purple Hearts in order to help train service dogs that go on to provide assistance to wounded soldiers. Under the guidance of instructors, the veterans are able to teach the dogs over 90 commands in about two years. Surprisingly enough, these veterans find that interacting with these dogs also helps them ease back into civilian life.

After the intensive training, the fully-trained dogs are sent to their new homes. Not only do these dogs assist veterans with physical disabilities, they also help them with the emotional scars caused by combat. Veterans receive much needed companionship as well as a path to their independence.

Paws for Purple Hearts is living up to their motto, “Veterans Helping Veterans.” Since Paws for Purple Hearts is a non-profit organization, they gladly accept donations. Shockingly, the cost to train just one dog is $15,000.

Founded in 2006, Paws for Purple Hearts stems from a program that started at the University of Canine Studies in California. Currently, four locations exist within the United States.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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