Translating Military Skills for Employers

While the economy has been difficult for job-seekers for the last few years, Saint Louis University offers numerous academic majors and occupational fields that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will be in demand through 2020. Visit this website to view all the undergraduate majors that SLU offers.

Career Services, located within the Student Success Center, can help students identify their transferable skills, create a personal brand, provide career counseling, career assessments and more. As mentioned in this article, identifying skills and communicating them to potential employers is one of the most important factors in the job search.

One example of this is how former Marine and Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer describes how he identified his transferable skills for potential employers in this article. While his Marine job was being a sniper, he discussed that as a team leader he “… was able to manage troops: accountability, discipline, teamwork, being on time, logistics are all things I can translate into being an asset to an employer.”

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