How Veterans Can Afford to Start Their Own Business

Has the entrepreneurial bug bitten you? Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

If so, you may be in luck. Wal-Mart recently announced it is awarding a $50,000 grant to St. Louis-based Veterans Business Resource Center (VRBC). This organization’s motto is “Veterans Helping Veterans in Business.”  The grant was awarded in order to help the VBRC launch a new program entitled “Hero to Home” program. It is intended to help veterans start a new business or to help those Guardsmen or Reservists who were business owners prior to their deployment to rebuild their business when they return from deployment.

In An Analysis of Small Business and Jobs, the Small Business Administration (SBA) addressed the issue of how to better understand the 7 million jobs lost from December 2007 through December 2009 and a solution as to how to replace them. Specifically, the SBA indicated that “While small and large firms provide roughly equivalent shares of jobs, the major part of job generation and destruction takes place in the small firm sector, and small firms provide the greater share of net new jobs…”

If the only thing that is stopping you from starting a business is the financial support, consider applying for this grant. With funding available through the Wal-Mart grant, and assistance from the VBRC and Saint Louis University’s Center for Entrepreneurship in the John Cook School of Business, you can get the help and advice you need to launch a successful business.

If you are interested in starting a business contact SLU’s Center for Entrepreneurship at 314-977-850.


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