An Officer and a Professional: A Recent SLU Graduate is Living His Dream

The Call to Serve

Most individuals choose a military career early on in life; however, Peter Emerson went down a different path. While everyday life got in the way of his dream of serving in the military when he was younger, Emerson was able to achieve his goal later in life.

The Next Step

By earning his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies (with a minor in strategic communications) from SLU earlier this year, Emerson was able to become a lieutenant in the Missouri National Guard while maintaining his senior purchasing coordinator position at Citi Mortgage.

He chose SLU because of the flexibility of the night and online business classes offered through the School for Professional Studies. He was very impressed with how highly qualified SLU’s faculty was. For instance, one of his favorite classes was taught by a marketing executive from Anheuser Busch. Lieutenant Emerson believed other universities couldn’t compete with the prestige of a SLU degree.

The New Role

His SLU education has positioned him well for his current job as well as for his future career. He has been able to take what he learned at SLU and apply it to his role as a National Guard officer. The organizational studies curriculum helped him understand large organizations like his employer, Citi Mortgage, while his knowledge of strategic communications helps with external crisis management.

He currently trains new soldiers in the Recruit Sustainment Program, designed for soldiers who have not been through basic combat training. In this class, they learn terminology and protocols that are part of the Army and National Guard service. Lieutenant Emerson looks forward to the day when he can lead his own platoon.

Live Your Dream

If you have always wanted to continue your education, but were unable to fit it into your busy schedule, consider enrolling in classes through Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies, which offers several undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Undergraduate degrees currently offered fully online through the School for Professional Studies:

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  • Organizational Studies
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Graduate degrees currently offered fully online through the School for Professional Studies:

  • Leadership & Organizational Development
  • Organizational Informatics

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