Air Force ROTC: Prepare for Takeoff

Air Force Detachment 207 at Saint Louis University

Commencement always defines a significant milestone in any student’s life. As Saint Louis University and the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) commissioned 10 2nd lieutenants this semester, students were acknowledged for their dedication and commitment to the program.

The AFROTC Detachment 207, which is housed at SLU, provides students with the military background they will need to serve as officers. The AFROTC program also provides opportunities for full or partial scholarships to help with the rising cost of education.

Along with their regular coursework, students undergo rigorous physical and mental training. From day one, students attend Leadership Lab (LLab) in AFROTC. After mastering military customs and calling commands, students are then responsible for leading their peers.

These students transition their way from cadets to well-rounded leaders with the guidance and training from SLU’s faculty, AFROTC personnel and the people they meet at SLU.

“SLU has diversity – that’s a big thing here. Broadening my horizons in that aspect really is key, especially in a very small group of people like the Air Force,” said recent graduate, 2nd Lt. Matthew Thamphy. He believes the SLU community has revealed a snippet of how the world really is as far as the different kinds of people he will work with.

The AFROTC program at Saint Louis University transforms students into highly trained leaders and prepares them to become officers in the US Air Force. Although a majority of students train to become pilots in the Air Force, others go on to pursue careers in a variety of other fields such as:

  • Aviation Science
  • Space Operations
  • Intelligence
  • Combat Systems
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Development Engineering

For more information about the Air Force ROTC at SLU, please visit their website.

Air Force ROTC Spring 2013 Commissioning Ceremony


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