The Financial Aid Process Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

The college financial aid process is uncharted territory for most people. We know from talking to students that Saint Louis University will find ways to make a SLU education affordable as well as walk students through the necessary steps. Below are a few SLU resources for students: For general questions contact: Student Financial Services If […]

Men and Women for Others: How Volunteering Can Enhance Your Life

It can be challenging for servicemembers to transition out of active duty. For student veterans, this hurdle can be twofold when trying to adjust to campus life as well. One remedy to this shift is to get more involved in the community by volunteering. What are the benefits? Volunteering can help you re-develop your civilian […]

Student Spotlight: Nygel Williams, Pre-med

We recently had the chance to speak with a promising sophomore, Nygel Williams. Nygel is majoring in athletic training, but is also on the pre-med track and plans to be a medic in the Navy. He will serve as treasurer of the Student Veterans Association here at SLU next semester. Q. Where are you from? A. […]

Air Force ROTC: Prepare for Takeoff

Commencement always defines a significant milestone in any student’s life. As Saint Louis University and the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) commissioned 10 2nd lieutenants this semester, students were acknowledged for their dedication and commitment to the program. The AFROTC Detachment 207, which is housed at SLU, provides students with the military background […]

Nurse Practitioner at SLU Supports Women Veterans

Most people are unaware that women are the fastest growing group within the veteran population. Because of this, the number of female veterans in the Veteran Affairs (VA) health-care system has nearly doubled over the last ten years. The numbers are only expected to increase over time. This can pose a problem for veterans hospitals when it […]

An Officer and a Professional: A Recent SLU Graduate is Living His Dream

The Call to Serve Most individuals choose a military career early on in life; however, Peter Emerson went down a different path. While everyday life got in the way of his dream of serving in the military when he was younger, Emerson was able to achieve his goal later in life. The Next Step By […]

Student Spotlight: Taylor Baum, ROTC Cadet

I had the pleasure of interviewing Taylor Baum, ROTC cadet and exceptional SLU student. Read on to learn a little bit about her experience with SLU and ROTC. Q. Where are you from? A. St. Louis (South City) Q. Why did you come to SLU? A. SLU has a very good medical/pre-med program and it […]

Academic Program Spotlight: Aviation Management – Online Program

What is the Aviation Management program like? The online aviation management program at Saint Louis University provides students with specialized knowledge of the aviation industry and a strong foundation in corporate operations. This program is offered in partnership between SLU’s School for Professional Studies and SLU’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. The program emphasizes […]

Getting Started: The College Admission Process for Veterans

Have you recently asked yourself, “I’m ready for college, now what?” Some veteran students say that unlike the clear structure and organization of the military, the process of enrolling in college is convoluted and vague. Rather than moving directly from point A to point B, they feel like they are mired in an endless maze […]

Helping Disabled Students

Many students find the transition to college to be difficult. As we’ve talked about before, veterans may find that transition more challenging than nonveterans. Disabled veterans (of which there has been a 25 percent increase in the past 10 years) not only have to adjust from military to civilian life, but also have to navigate […]

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