Are Younger Workers Lazier?

Post by Matt Grawitch According to a recent news story, Generation Y (A.K.A. Millennial) employees are more likely to expect to make high salaries, while simultaneously avoiding overtime and having access to and using lucrative vacation packages. A greater percentage of this age group, as compared to their older generational counterparts, was likely to state […]

Criminal Justice & Security Management: The Merging of Previously Separate Fields

Posted by Marita Malone In the Fall of 2009 Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies initiated a unique degree called Criminal Justice and Security Management. The degree is unique in that the knowledge from the course offerings bridges two formerly distinct disciplines, the private and public security sectors, giving student strengths that historically have […]

Teacher Certification at SPS

Posted by Sue Artis Since the beginning of the new year, I have received several emails and calls inquiring about a possible career change to education. Some are seeking Missouri teacher certification information while others are inquiring about the Saint Louis University Renaissance Programs in Education. The following are a couple of links that may […]

Online Offerings in Organizational Studies

Posted by Stephanie Mooshegian Welcome to my first SPS blog posting! As a full time SPS faculty member and Assistant Program Chair of Organizational Studies, I have the opportunity to instruct SPS students, collaborate with our adjunct faculty, and oversee online courses in the Organizational Studies Program. In addition to my administrative and teaching assignments, […]

What in the World is Informatics?

Posted by John Buerck I often get the question, “What is informatics?” The academic definition follows: Informatics is the multidimensional use of technology to support knowledge discovery and dissemination, assisting the decision maker across a variety of academic disciplines and professional fields. It incorporates the way data is collected, organized, analyzed, represented, filtered and managed. […]

Welcome to Professional Perspectives

Posted by Matt Grawitch Welcome to Professional Perspectives. While there are numerous blogs, editorials, and other social media that provide an outlet for people’s perspectives and opinions on various topics, our aim is to provide you with a unique experience. At Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies (SPS), we have numerous opportunities to share […]