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Posted by Matt Grawitch

Welcome to Professional Perspectives. While there are numerous blogs, editorials, and other social media that provide an outlet for people’s perspectives and opinions on various topics, our aim is to provide you with a unique experience.

At Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies (SPS), we have numerous opportunities to share our professional expertise with students, but this blog will give us an opportunity to share our expertise with the general public as well. We also hope to stimulate some interesting discussion and comments along the way, and we welcome your thoughts, opinions, and comments. We invite you to use these blogs as a forum for discussion.

Our Professional Perspectives bloggers are faculty and staff members at SPS. They are experts in such areas as Computer Science, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Contract and Project Management, Marketing and Sales, and, Education. Rather than focusing on one specific area, our bloggers are a diverse set of experts who will be sharing their insights on current issues, professional development, education, and the non-traditional student.

As the Chair of the Organizational Studies Program at Saint Louis University, I have the opportunity to interact with working professionals on a daily basis. It doesn’t take very long to realize that working professionals do not all share the same perspective on current issues. Yet, through this blog, I will bring these experts together in a safe environment in which they can share their perspectives and learn from the perspectives of others. Hopefully, you will learn something new, too.

Recently, some SPS students have expressed an interest in sharing their experiences as well. Hence, we also have created a companion blog, The Non-Traditional Billiken, to allow them an opportunity to share with and learn from others who have been or have considered becoming a non-traditional student or a working professional student. They will provide tips on balancing work, life, and school demands; making the most of coursework; and promoting personal, professional, and career development.

From faculty and staff to current students and alum, the insights found in Professional Perspectives and The Non-Traditional Billiken are designed to solicit as many insights and opinions as possible. I know that each blogger is excited about this endeavor, and we look forward to adding new bloggers as we move forward! In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you!

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