Why Leadership & Organizational Development?

Posted by Matt Grawitch The School for Professional Studies recently started a new Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Development. The 36-hour program is offered completely online and is designed for working professionals. The first question that I always get is why this program? What are students going to get out of this program? […]

Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Posted by Stephanie Mooshegian The life of an adult learner is packed! With work, school, and personal obligations, SPS students have little time to spare. Even with excellent time management skills and self-regulation techniques, students can feel sometimes feel overwhelmed when balancing their load. Returning to school while working full time is not an easy […]

Are You a Program or Project Manager?

Posted by David Montour According to a consultant at Cambria Consulting, many organizations are asking themselves what the difference is between a project manager and a program manager. “The answer often varies significantly, even within the same organization. In some circumstances, the titles denote a difference in seniority or compensation. In others, it implies a […]

Why Social Science Cannot Predict the Extreme

Posted by Matt Grawitch Do you remember the shootings at Columbine? Did you hear about the recent shooting at the University of Alabama? Both of these events – and many others just like them – are horrific tragedies. Whenever these types of events occur, it seems that psychologists rush to the scene to “explain” why […]