Effective Communication is More Important than Your IQ

Posted by Matt Grawitch If you’re a student, a manager, or even a CEO, it helps to have a high level of intelligence. Being able to think critically, to see the bigger picture, to understand complex phenomena can be very important to success. But, how would you answer if I asked you this question: Is […]

Why Project Managers Follow A Methodology

Posted by David Montour I recently completed teaching our Spring 2 online course (CTM-345) titled “Project Management Principles & Practices.” The final assignment for the students is a project paper which encompasses all of the methodologies and principles learned throughout the course. The major purpose of the project paper is to give students the opportunity […]

Life After Graduation…What’s Next?!

Posted by Stephanie Mooshegian With the SPS Senior Portfolio night, Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) inductions, and of course, precommencement and commencement ceremonies, there is certainly a buzz in the Brouster Hall air! For those of you who are graduating this year, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your accomplishments. Working full time, […]