Life After Graduation…What’s Next?!

Posted by Stephanie Mooshegian

With the SPS Senior Portfolio night, Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) inductions, and of course, precommencement and commencement ceremonies, there is certainly a buzz in the Brouster Hall air! For those of you who are graduating this year, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your accomplishments. Working full time, attending classes, and fulfilling personal obligations is an achievement. I certainly hope that our SPS graduates take time to recognize their milestone – as well as those who have supported them along the way. In particular, family, friends, and other loved ones have adapted to late night study sessions, weekends filled with homework, and many nights eating dinner alone. It will be a welcome transition for family and friends to have you ‘back!’

When students enroll at SPS, graduation seems distant and far away. Yet, it’s amazing how quickly time passes when students are busy with accelerated course schedules, work schedules, and personal obligations. Before they know it, SPS students suddenly find themselves enrolling in capstone classes and ordering their caps and gowns! Then, they are faced with another challenge…making post-graduation plans. To those students who are graduating this year, I encourage you to use some of the SLU resources and opportunities to help you fill your ‘spare time’ without coursework and meet your personal and professional goals. In particular, I encourage you to think about your career advancement, advanced education, and service/involvement with SPS.

Career Advancement

At SPS, students have opportunities to interact with their classmates by participating in class discussions, activities, and group projects. These connections (and the impressions students leave with classmates) make a big impact. One of my favorite moments in the classroom occurred last year when one student mentioned that he wanted to work at an organization. It so happened that his classmate was employed at this organization. She offered to help him navigate through HR and the application process, which he had been struggling with for months. In the end, she was able to make a referral, and he was able to advance in the application process. What a connection! Besides networking, another helpful resource is SLU career services. Graduates, if you have not contacted them before now, this is the time to call or e-mail.

Earn an Advanced Degree

Believe it or not, many of our SPS graduates continue with their education after earning their Bachelors Degree. Often, our students are in such a routine that they tell us they “can’t stop now!” We have graduates who have earned M.B.A.s, M.S.W.s, J.D.s, and other advanced degrees. If you like the flexibility and pace of the 8-week terms, I have good news for you! In Fall 2010, SPS will launch two new Master’s degrees in Leadership and Organizational Development and Organizational Informatics. If you are thinking about graduate school, consider these courses!

Staying Connected at SPS

Ultimately, we would like to see all of our graduates remain involved with SPS. For those of you who are looking for a new activity or a way to stay connected with SPS and SLU, I encourage you to consider joining the alumni association. There you can network with other professionals and remain connected to faculty and staff at SPS. Another way to support the school is through our annual Trivia night and silent auction, which benefits the SPS scholarship fund. It’s a night of fun, which is something that our SPS graduates truly deserve!

Again, I would like to congratulate our graduates! I wish you the best as you establish post-graduation goals and take the steps to achieve them. Always remember that SPS has many resources available to help you along the way. Best wishes to the SPS Class of 2010!

Photo Credit: Ian Kahn

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