Understanding Organizational Informatics

By: Srikanth Mudigonda, Ph.D.
Current trends in computing indicate that the costs per computation cycle is going down, while the amount of computational power available is going up. So, other aspects of their operations being equal, organizations that collect the “right” kind of data for making informed decisions are more likely to understand the market needs and business processes.

For this to happen, organizations need individuals who can understand the specific types of data that need to be collected, the right way to analyze the data, and the right way to interpret and present the results to aid decision-making. Such individuals also need to understand the human-side of their organizations’ operations for initiating and implementing data-collection, analysis, and reporting projects, and ensuring that organizational processes and policies exist to complement the technical side of these projects.

The M.S. in Applied Analytics program at Saint Louis University provides the knowledge and skills that will help professional to perform well in each of the above-described business activities. It is aimed at working professionals who would like to move into roles that combine data analysis and organizational leadership skills. It is also aimed at professionals who perform one or more of the above-described activities already in their current job roles but would like a more systematic approach, which emphasizes both theory and applications, for understanding how they can perform better and grow in their roles.

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