Hadley Kombrink

Hadley McGuire Kombrink is a graduate student from Mission Hills, Kansas working on her Master’s in Organizational Informatics. She recently completed her Master’s in Public Administration within Saint Louis University’s College of Education and Public Service. Her primary areas of research are retail and stadium development, urban planning and its effects on the Kansas City Metropolitan area, and how data analytics can assist in understanding online learning. At the School of Professional Studies, she serves as a graduate assistant for the Criminal Justice and Security Management program.

Hadley received her Bachelor of Arts in both English and Sociology from the University of Kansas in 2010, graduating with Honors in English. She also pursued language training in French and Croatian during her undergraduate years.

Her blogging interests include retail economic development, the effects of sports on city economics, privatization of public services, media as a metaphor for aspects of the human experience, current security and criminal justice trends, and how to obtain a better understanding how to transition from college to the “professional world.”


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