Boulders + Pebbles: Building Effective Workplace Communication Habits

By: Dr. Kasi Williamson When I worked as a communications practitioner, I helped to create communication strategies and structures that facilitated collaboration and innovation across departments within a large organization. This structural work is where the “heavy lifting” happens—and that metaphor has the weight of something very real. Sometimes, it can actually feel like you’re […]

An Appetite for English

By: Jenny Agnew During the Fall 1, 2012 term, I had the opportunity to teach an English 150 class (“The Process of Composition”) in The Learning Studio as an Innovative Teaching Fellow.  The high-tech room—with its wall of screens, moveable furniture, and available tablets and iPads—is reason enough to want to teach in the space.  An […]

The Gothic

Posted by Jennifer Agnew Monsters aren’t just for Halloween anymore . . . and haven’t been for a while.  Recent trends in literature—including Young Adult (YA)  literature—film, TV, and the fine arts reveal a renewed interest in vampires, zombies, ghosts, and serial killers.  All of these monsters and more fall under the larger category of […]

Writing Without A Safety Net

Guest Post by Dr. Paul Regan As I encounter students who are new to writing, at least as a core part of a course, inevitably I see two types of writing emerge. One type of writing that comes out is found in the discussion of a text. In discussing, as authors grow more comfortable with […]