Business Continuity – An Essential Competency in Modern Organizations

By: Matt Grawitch, Ph.D. For many organizations, a lot of time is spent managing what is going on right now, rather than focusing on any number of “what if” scenarios. Yet, those “what if” scenarios can have an enormously large impact on the long-term viability of an organization or even a community. Consider the tornado […]

Workplace Violence – Mitigating the Threat

By: Hadley Kombrink In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, understanding security within one’s workplace has been on the minds of millions across the country. Every year, more than 572,000 Americans fall victim to Workplace Violence. Defined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) as any physical […]

Match the Degree with the Desired Outcome!

Posted by Marita Malone Students with criminal justice interests often wonder whether they should obtain a degree in Criminal Justice or a degree in Criminology. In fact, some students believe the two fields are the same, but they are not. Criminology is the study of theory and behavior, just as other “-ology” subjects do. Similar […]

Cyber Attacks: An Upcoming Panel Discussion

Posted by Marita Malone Hello from the School for Professional Studies’ Criminal Justice and Security Management Program! We’re halfway through Spring 1, and we’re excited about our upcoming Panel Discussion on “Cyber Attacks: Advanced Persistent Threats.” It is being held Thursday, March 10th, 2011 in the Busch Student Center, Rooms 172-173. It will be from […]

Job Searching in Criminal Justice and Security Management

Posted by Marita Malone I decided for this blog posting that I would provide some insight regarding jobs in the field of Criminal Justice and Security Management. If you’re interested in highly coveted government job, check the Internet under “Office of Inspector General” and see how many hits you receive. MANY jobs are in the […]

Criminal Justice & Security Management: The Merging of Previously Separate Fields

Posted by Marita Malone In the Fall of 2009 Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies initiated a unique degree called Criminal Justice and Security Management. The degree is unique in that the knowledge from the course offerings bridges two formerly distinct disciplines, the private and public security sectors, giving student strengths that historically have […]