Beyond the numbers – what makes employee engagement surveys valuable?

By: Steve Winton, Ph.D. – Director of the Leadership & Organizational Development graduate program at Saint Louis University You have just been handed your team’s results from your company’s annual employee engagement survey.  You quickly note from the executive summary that employees on your team are incredibly engaged – 86% absolutely love their job. Your […]

Business Continuity – An Essential Competency in Modern Organizations

By: Matt Grawitch, Ph.D. For many organizations, a lot of time is spent managing what is going on right now, rather than focusing on any number of “what if” scenarios. Yet, those “what if” scenarios can have an enormously large impact on the long-term viability of an organization or even a community. Consider the tornado […]

Embracing a Fresh Start

By: Katie Devany, Program Coordinator for the Hospitality Management program at Saint Louis University As the end of the calendar year draws near, I find myself engaging in moments of reflection; recounting accomplishments, failures, surprises, and hope for new beginnings in the year to come.  However, reflection soon transforms into a self-evaluation.  Did I execute […]

Celebrating the Heroes Among Us

By: Katie Devany, M.S.  The hospitality industry is seemingly synonymous with grandeur and excitement. After all, what other industry provides the opportunity to work in gorgeous hotels, chic restaurants, plan extravagant weddings, and even travel the world? It sounds simply divine, doesn’t it? To those who adore this unique niche of work, it is divine. […]

SPS Faculty Highlights

By: Jenny Agnew, Ph.D. With nearly 40 adjunct faculty members, the Core Curriculum and General Studies Program is one of the largest at SPS.  Disciplines include English, History, Theology, Philosophy, Art, Music, Theater, Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology.  We also have PST 100—“Learning Strategies, Processes, and Resources”—in the program, which is a course designed to help […]

Boulders + Pebbles: Building Effective Workplace Communication Habits

By: Dr. Kasi Williamson When I worked as a communications practitioner, I helped to create communication strategies and structures that facilitated collaboration and innovation across departments within a large organization. This structural work is where the “heavy lifting” happens—and that metaphor has the weight of something very real. Sometimes, it can actually feel like you’re […]

Why is your education so important?

By: Tanya Griffin, Director of Enrollment Services at SLU’s School for Professional Studies When I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Political Science, one of my favorite professors said something I will never forget.  He pulled me aside on my graduation day and said, “Congratulations.  Your education is something that can never be taken […]