Project Management and Earned Value

Posted by David Montour If you are a project manager, you should always seek to understand how far along you are in a project. You may have a vague idea, like “we are pretty close to schedule”, “we’re about half done”, or “we’re 80% complete.” However, it’s better to be much more precise than that. […]

Why Project Managers Follow A Methodology

Posted by David Montour I recently completed teaching our Spring 2 online course (CTM-345) titled “Project Management Principles & Practices.” The final assignment for the students is a project paper which encompasses all of the methodologies and principles learned throughout the course. The major purpose of the project paper is to give students the opportunity […]

Are You a Program or Project Manager?

Posted by David Montour According to a consultant at Cambria Consulting, many organizations are asking themselves what the difference is between a project manager and a program manager. “The answer often varies significantly, even within the same organization. In some circumstances, the titles denote a difference in seniority or compensation. In others, it implies a […]