Boulders + Pebbles: Building Effective Workplace Communication Habits

By: Dr. Kasi Williamson When I worked as a communications practitioner, I helped to create communication strategies and structures that facilitated collaboration and innovation across departments within a large organization. This structural work is where the “heavy lifting” happens—and that metaphor has the weight of something very real. Sometimes, it can actually feel like you’re […]

Work Flexibility Practices Can Help OR Hurt Your Career

By: Matthew J. Grawitch, Ph.D. A lot is made these days of the importance of creating a flexible work environment so that employees can develop a better work-life interface. Flextime, telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and other innovations in work schedules are supposed to assist employees in managing their demands across different life domains – without having […]

Why Being a Scientist-Practitioner Matters

Posted by Matt Grawitch I recently put together a proposal for a panel session that would bring a group of scholars and practitioners together to discuss issues related to the work-life interface. One of the experts on my proposed panel serves as an external consultant to organizations, and she mentioned that many people who work […]

Need to Improve Your Work-Life Interface? Don’t Think Multitasking Is the Answer

Posted by Matt Grawitch In today’s market landscape, creating an effective work-life interface is essential as a way of managing stress. A recent poll in the UK found that more people ranked work-life balance as a top priority when looking for a new job (at 36%, the highest result in the poll) than they did […]

Why Social Science Cannot Predict the Extreme

Posted by Matt Grawitch Do you remember the shootings at Columbine? Did you hear about the recent shooting at the University of Alabama? Both of these events – and many others just like them – are horrific tragedies. Whenever these types of events occur, it seems that psychologists rush to the scene to “explain” why […]