Embracing a Fresh Start

By: Katie Devany, Program Coordinator for the Hospitality Management program at Saint Louis University As the end of the calendar year draws near, I find myself engaging in moments of reflection; recounting accomplishments, failures, surprises, and hope for new beginnings in the year to come.  However, reflection soon transforms into a self-evaluation.  Did I execute […]

Why is your education so important?

By: Tanya Griffin, Director of Enrollment Services at SLU’s School for Professional Studies When I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Political Science, one of my favorite professors said something I will never forget.  He pulled me aside on my graduation day and said, “Congratulations.  Your education is something that can never be taken […]

An Appetite for English

By: Jenny Agnew During the Fall 1, 2012 term, I had the opportunity to teach an English 150 class (“The Process of Composition”) in The Learning Studio as an Innovative Teaching Fellow.  The high-tech room—with its wall of screens, moveable furniture, and available tablets and iPads—is reason enough to want to teach in the space.  An […]

Job Searching in Criminal Justice and Security Management

Posted by Marita Malone I decided for this blog posting that I would provide some insight regarding jobs in the field of Criminal Justice and Security Management. If you’re interested in highly coveted government job, check the Internet under “Office of Inspector General” and see how many hits you receive. MANY jobs are in the […]

Reflection – The Jesuit Way

Posted by Stephanie Mooshegian The 2010- 2011 school year is here! August is one of my favorite times of the year. A new school year, list of classes, and a fresh start…what more could an academic and life-long learner love?! Students have returned to campus – either filling seats in our classrooms or actively participating […]

Effective Communication is More Important than Your IQ

Posted by Matt Grawitch If you’re a student, a manager, or even a CEO, it helps to have a high level of intelligence. Being able to think critically, to see the bigger picture, to understand complex phenomena can be very important to success. But, how would you answer if I asked you this question: Is […]