Understanding Organizational Informatics

By: Srikanth Mudigonda, Ph.D. Current trends in computing indicate that the costs per computation cycle is going down, while the amount of computational power available is going up. So, other aspects of their operations being equal, organizations that collect the “right” kind of data for making informed decisions are more likely to understand the market […]

An Appetite for English

By: Jenny Agnew During the Fall 1, 2012 term, I had the opportunity to teach an English 150 class (“The Process of Composition”) in The Learning Studio as an Innovative Teaching Fellow.  The high-tech room—with its wall of screens, moveable furniture, and available tablets and iPads—is reason enough to want to teach in the space.  An […]

Is Terrorism Black and White?

Posted by Marita Malone Terrorism is a word thrown about in the world and in the media, especially since the attacks on September 11th, 2001. What is terrorism? There are several different kinds, and not all of them are so black and white. Two of the most commonly known types are domestic and international, but […]