My name is Katie and I am senior here at SLU.  I’m studying International business, Management, and Spanish. I studied abroad at the Saint Louis University Madrid campus in Spain the second semester of my sophomore year. I will be writing throughout the semester to provide tips and tricks I learned while studying abroad.


College is the time in our lives where we are truly independent. It’s a time to try new things, get involved in new groups and organizations, make new friends, and most importantly, it is a time to learn. Why not enhance this learning experience by studying abroad?


Studying abroad is becoming a common trend among college students in the United States, including our own Global Billikens. Becoming a culturally aware global citizen is a quality necessary for an increasingly international world. Spain was a great fit for me, but I have friends who have studied in all of our different study abroad destinations.


This fall 2012 semester, Saint Louis University has over 180 undergraduate students on five continents, and in 16 different countries. SLU students are not only exploring, but studying and living in:

Spain Thailand England Ireland
El Salvador South Korea Italy Belgium
Ecuador China France Switzerland
Chile Sweden Germany Australia


Whatever area of the world or travel destination interests you, I encourage all students to study abroad. You will learn things, meet people and have experiences that will have a tremendous impact on not just your university experience, but also the rest of your life.

I can personally say that studying abroad changed my life. Not only was it a highlight of my college career, but also I came away with some great experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you would like to find out more about study abroad opportunities at SLU, please contact the Office of International Services at, 314-977-4081 or SLU’s Study Abroad website.

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