LEIDEN – THE BASICS With a population of 118,000, Leiden is a lively university town, with much to explore, having been described as the Netherlands’ best kept secret. Take a walk through the city center and you will notice cozy alleyways bustling with shops, bars, restaurants and cafes full of life, young and old. The […]


Having never traveled outside of the U.S. before I went abroad, I wanted to make sure I took full advantage of living in Europe. Not only did I travel all over Spain; Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Segovia, Alicante and Palma Mallorca but I visited several other countries as well. I went to Dublin and saw the […]


EXPLORE FRANCE – THE BASICS SLU offers study abroad programs in two French cities, Poitiers and Lyon. Poitiers Experience life in an ancient city where twenty centuries of Western civilization are still evident in buildings graced by Roman, Medieval and Renaissance architecture. Today, Poitiers is a center for education, agriculture, industry and communications. A university […]


Your time abroad has come to an end. Although you are no longer able to spend your weekends traveling to other countries, doing your homework on a sandy Australian beach, napping under the Spanish sun in Retiro Park or embracing the energetic city of Beijing, your time abroad is still a valuable asset to your […]


QUITO – THE BASICS Explore Quito, the capital of Ecuador, nestled in a long, narrow valley between the lush base of Pichincha, an active volcano, and the steep canyon of the river Machangara. Quito is generally thought of as South America’s most beautiful capital city, with the incredible natural setting, classical architecture and modern structures.  […]

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