Summer Learning Beyond The Classroom

Summer At SLU recognizes that exploration of a K-12 subject can’t always come from the classroom alone. As a result, many of our camps and academies available this summer create learning experiences beyond the classroom and being outside of the ‘box’ to encourage thinking outside of the ‘box’.

Physically taking students out of the classroom provides a hands-on experience, encourages creativity and gives students inspiring challenges in a fun way. Our out of the classroom activities can vary from visiting professional organizations to growing crops in a garden to creating films in a media production studio. Providing students of all ages with the opportunity to explore these subject matters and others outside of the typical classroom setting plays an integral role in achieving an overall meaningful, knowledgeable and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, by having the combination of the classroom experience and out of the classroom experience allows students to retain information and then apply that information to the real world.

Check out a list of some of our programs that offer learning outside of the classroom:

Summer is rapidly approaching and our programs are filling up, so act now and register today!

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