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What is Blue Prints?

What is Blue Prints?

Blue Prints is Saint Louis University's Managed Print Services (MPS) program.  MPS is the consolidation and management of an organization’s copier and printer needs under a unified program, with equipment and service provided by an outside supplier, in our case, Xerox. Xerox owns and manages the equipment and provides the supplies, eliminating the need for the University to purchase or lease printers, copiers, toner, or other supplies.

Xerox was selected through a competitive bid process involving users from across campus. Xerox is the University’s exclusive provider of copiers, printers, and Multfifunction Devices (MFDs), and is a provider of quality customer service.  

Benefits to the SLU Community:

  • Competitive pricing: 16-20% savings over current printing costs

  • Supports SLU's sustainability goals: reducing paper, toner, and energy usage

  • State of the art equipment meets all standard business needs (copy, staple, fax, print, scan)

  • Xerox provides all supplies except paper

  • Proactive toner replenishment capability

  • Streamlined order process - no bids required

  • Automatic meter collection 

  • Full-time, dedicated Xerox technicians on campus

  • Established Service Level Agreement's (SLA'S) for device uptime and support response

  • 24/7 Extended Help Desk hours

  • Supplier performance monitored and measured per SLA's

  • Flexibility in contract as needs change

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