Saint Louis University


At the heart of Busch Student Center is the Student Staff who put a friendly, familiar face to the visitors of BSC. As both concierge and immediate support for the building, the student staff provide an array of services as well as keeping track of building activities and use.

If you would like to join the BSC Student Staff team, contact Cindy Bush at

- Serve as a liaison between the BSC activities and the SLU Community.
- Provide directions to on- and off-campus food, entertainment, and education venues.
- Relay and manage messages and phone calls to departments around SLU.
- Maintain office key check-out for the student organization suites located in BSC.
- Assist in the promotion of student organizations and events through flyer postage and hanging of banners.
- Provide coat check in service for special functions.
- Ensure safety and security of the building and provide first aid.• Procedures related to opening and closing the building.
- Communicate and enforce the BSC procedures, programs, and policies.
- Maintain lost and found, contact owner of object when they can be identified.