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Promotions Guide

The Busch Student Center has put together this comprehensive list of options for sharing your upcoming event or program. Please note that contact information is contained in each section below.


BSC Digital Signage
This is a free service for University departments, student organizations and on-campus vendors only. Outside clients will not be accepted.

Create a Microsoft Powerpoint file promoting your event. Use the default size (on-screen show 4:3, 10 inches by 7.5), keep your text brief and the fonts large and clean (san serif). What you create in your Powerpoint file is what will be displayed.

Submit your Powerpoint files to Please include "digital sign" in the subject line of your e-mail. Submissions will be posted within 24 hours. 

While individual departments are responsible for creating and maintaining their own digital signage they must ensure that pages (slides) have a focus consistent with University policies for Marketing and Communication. Each department reserves the right to accept or refuse submissions. Please allow 48 hours for submissions to be posted. Digital signage administrators will not responsible for layout and content.

Don't forget to also submit your news to SLU Connection and to Newslink.


BSC Digital Signage Banners (jpg)
Banner ads are located below the Powerpoint display on the BSC digital signage system. The banners offer another option for seasonal events, outside clients, or major events on campus. For example, Welcome Week, Lent, Homecoming, Senior Legacy Symposium and DuBourg Society are all suitable topics for banner ad placement.

Banner ads rotate less rapidly than Powerpoint slides and are displayed on the screens longer. Each ad will run no less than twice an hour.

Dimensions for the banner ad are: 1.08" x .259" 576 DPI. Banners must be saved in JPEG format and RGB color format.

Submit your ad via email to Please include "digital sign" in the subject line of your e-mail. Submissions will be posted within 24 hours. If you have questions, please call Ryan Baker at  314-977-3989.


BSC Directories
The Busch Student Center directories display building maps and offer a space to promote major events. Directories are set inside the Grand and Ritter entrances of the Busch Student Center and a third is located on the third floor just outside the Student Involvement Center. They are available for major events that take place on the Saint Louis University campus and are available to the general SLU community only. No outside vendors or organizations will be considered.

The printing cost for each 25-inches wide by 42-inches tall poster is just $62, or a total of $186.00 for all three directories. The preferred format to submit art for the BSC Directories is a PDF with at least 300 DPI. File size should be at least 12 x 21 inches.

You are responsible for content, so please be sure to spell check your document. Space must be reserved and files submitted to Cindy Bush, Building Coordinator for Busch Student Center, at Reservations are first come, first served. Please include "BSC directories" in the subject line of your e-mail.

If you have questions, please call Cindy Bush at 977.2049.


BSC Fliers
Posters/fliers in the Busch Student Center must be posted by BSC staff and may not be larger than 11x17. Posters that are placed at non-designated areas, that are too large or that do not have the Student Involvement Center stamp will be removed.

To have a posting hung, have no more than 10 approved and stamped by the Student Involvement Center (BSC, room 319) and leave them at the BSC information desk. The staff will hang them, as soon as possible.

Board Locations:

  • Grand Market
  • In Student Organization Suites
  • Outside Bookstore
  • By the Ritter Entrance
  • Next to St. Louis Bread Company
  • Across from Wool Ballroom
  • Slide ups by mailboxes

If you want to display something large, it is considered a banner. Applications for banners are located at the BSC information desk.


BSC Banners (outdoor & indoor)
Banners are considered any sign larger than 11x17 inches and are eligible to be hung in only one of two places. Most indoor banners are placed on the railing, overlooking the BSC Atrium and St. Louis Bread Company.

Outdoor banners are hung on the Busch Student Center exterior wall outside of the Ritter entrance on a limited basis, depending on range of community interest. Specific guidelines as to the size and material used for outside banners are available at the BSC Information Desk and must be adhered to in order to get approval. This option is free to all approved hangings.

Guidelines for both Indoor and Outdoor Banners:

    • Banners are hung on a first-come, space-available basis.
    • You will be notified by e-mail as to the status of this request.
    • Approval for all banners is subject to appropriate content and space availability. The Busch Student Center staff reserves the right to revoke approval if content changes
    • Application must be received 10 days prior to hang date.
    • Inside banners are placed above the tables at St. Louis Bread Company and are hung by the person or group making the request. Some restrictions apply.


Outside Banners are hung on a Monday and will not be hung for more than one week without approval.

Banners must be delivered to the Busch Student Center's information desk by the Wednesday the week prior to being hung.

If you have any questions or comments regarding banners, please e-mail


BSC Mailbox Inserts
Student organizations and University departments may put promotional materials into the mailboxes located in Busch Student Center. For details and pricing information, please contact LeeToya Grant, Supervisor for Student Mail Services, at or 314.977.5354.


SLU Connection
SLU Connection primarily posts University-related news, announcements and events, particularly those geared toward current students. Service or charitable activities that are sponsored or endorsed by a University department will also be posted.

Submit news items to SLU Connection here.

Unless otherwise requested, most submitted items will be posted both on the SLUConnection News feed and Events Calendar. Most items will be will be posted at least one week from the time of the event. Some items may be held for a future posting if there is a high volume of submissions.

Campus events are also eligible for placement in the Events Calendar. SLUConnection generally does not run items multiple times or daily without special circumstances to allow all groups an equal opportunity. SLUConnection is not responsible for lost, late, misdirected or incomplete news suggestions. Holidays, special HTML coding, fact checking and other functions may alter the posting schedule.

Submit your news at least four days before the desired run date. If you are submitting news about an event, please include the time, day, date and location, including the specific building and room number (Do not use abbreviations or informal building names.). Please include to whom the event is open.

Submissions with incomplete information will not be posted. Links and photos are also encouraged.


Advertising in The University News
All University entities may advertise in The University News weekly publication or on its website, Those interested should call the advertising staff at 977-1783 or email the staff at

The cost of an advertisement depends on size and frequency (a 20% discount is given for an ad that runs four or more times) and whether the ad is black and white, uses spot color or is a four-color piece.

The advertisement can be designed by The University News for $25 or you can submit your own. Please check with the staff before creating your own advertisement to assure proper sizing and formatting.


The University News Back Page
The Division of Student Development purchases the back page of The University News for the current academic year and any entity within the division is eligible to use space. Submit your requests to the Web Coordinator for Student Development, Michelle Peltier.

This is a link to the Student Development Advertising spreadsheet, it lists all publication dates and provides a general idea of the availability of dates.

Spots are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. All efforts will be made to honor requests, however, they are not guaranteed and are dependent on other requests, frequency of ad placement by your department and other factors that might arise. Despite the requests in the spreadsheet, all dates are eligible for consideration, based on each department's flexibility and the urgency of promoting any specific event.
Generally, there are three sizes available, all available in color. The sizes are in inches, width x height:

1/4 page (5.67" x 10.14") 
1/2 page (11.5" x 10.14") 
Full page (11.5" x 21")

Final determinations of what ads will run will be made by 5 p.m., a week prior to publication. Therefore, even if it looks like there is not room, ask because space might be available.

All scheduled ads must be submitted by 5 p.m. the Monday prior to publication unless other arrangements are made with Michelle Peltier.

Your advertisement must be in a .jpg or .pdf format.
Your original art must be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch), which provides for proper printing quality.

The University News can design your advertisement for $25. Material for your advertisement is due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, eight days prior to publication. The University News will provide a proof of the designed advertisement by 9 a.m. the Tuesday prior to publication. Final approval of the design must be submitted by noon the Wednesday (one day) prior to publication.

How to Submit a Press Release

The University News and SLU TV accept press releases regarding upcoming events and possible story ideas. You can reach SLU TV at and The University News at You may also call The University News at 977-2812.

In your release, include what the press release is in reference to and a contact person, along with his or her phone number and email address. Also, if the release is about an event, please include when and where the event takes place. Provide the release no less than one week before the event.


KSLU - PSAs and Commercials
PSAs are available at no cost, but are restricted to events and interests that pertain to the Saint Louis University community. PSAs are limited to informational announcements and are not produced for one-time or short-run events.

Event announcements are handled separately via our Arts and Events Calendars - both online and on-air. Please submit your event information at (preferred method) or via email at (text only, please - no attachments and put the word "EVENTS" in the subject line.)

PSA messages are produced by volunteers and run randomly on KSLU with each announcement running between four to 12 times per working day. Voice talent can be brought into the studio, but will require more time to produce due to scheduling. Most PSAs stays in rotation for approximately 30 days before being replaced.

PSAs for services, hotlines, or the public good can be submitted (preferred method) or via email at (text only, please - no attachments and put the word "PSAs" in the subject line.)


SLU-TV Commercial
Any CSO or SLU organization can submit an advertisement, subject to SLU-TV approval. If you would like to submit an advertisement to SLU-TV, please send an email to and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss content, length, pricing (NOTE: Chartered student organizations may run an advertisement free of charge), etc.

Our preferred format for advertisement are mp4, however we can accept most video formats. We can also create a basic advertisement if provided with the text and pictures. You may submit your file via email at or or Send This File, in tools on

The campus television statement, available in all residence halls, has three packages:
1 year for $1,499 for 50 premium spots each week
1 semester for $799 for 40 premium spots each week
2 weeks for $199 for 40 premium spots each week

The staff can answer any questions you might have regarding a commercial, including how to produce one for television. Contact if interested.

One World
The social justice magazine is printed annually and distributed to 3,000 members of the Saint Louis University community. The group offers four packages:
A half-page, four-color advertisement for $400
A full-page, four-color advertisement for $600
A commitment of two full-page ads for two subsequent publications for $1,000
A sponsorship for $1,000 per semester.

For more details contact

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