Saint Louis University

Thank you for your interest in the First-Year Early Entry Program (FEEP) presented by the student media groups at Saint Louis University. We can’t wait to meet you!

Those selected for FEEP will get a jump start with the award-winning and nationally-recognized student-run groups — KSLU radio, SLU-TV and The University News. From August 21-24, you’ll hear from guest speakers, attend workshops led by media professionals, staff and faculty from SLU and the student leadership of the three groups.

But all work and no play is no good. There will be plenty of time to enjoy what the Midtown area has to offer, plus to enjoy hanging out with the other students who are in FEEP and those already a part of the media groups on campus.

The $200 programming fee covers all of your expenses. You won’t have to spend any additional money for anything associated with the program. Housing, food, transportation and all other program items are included.

This program is about getting acquainted with what’s great about KSLU, SLU-TV and The University News, Saint Louis University and the community that you’ll call home for four (or more) years. When the rest of the Class of 2016 arrives on Aug. 24, you’ll be free to attend Welcome Week and other new student activities, so you won’t miss a thing.

Please know that by signing up for FEEP, you aren’t signing your life away (or the next four years of it, anyway). Should you participate and then find that media creation isn’t your cup of tea, we promise not to stalk you incessantly. But we hope you do stick around. After all, the more you participate, the more opportunities you’ll have to rise through the leadership ranks.

Nor is FEEP a do-or-die ultimatum—if you aren’t chosen to participate in the program or cannot participate for any reason, you are still highly encouraged to get involved with any and all of the groups upon your arrival at SLU. We will be hosting general interest meetings during the first week of classes.

So, if you like meeting national and international political leaders, getting press passes for Division I athletic events, receiving early releases of top albums and free tickets to shows and movies, along with other unique opportunities enjoyed by the student media groups you are highly encouraged to apply.


About the organizations


Tracing its roots back to almost a century ago, KSLU was founded by SLU’s very own Brother Rueppel in 1921. Establishing itself as the second radio station in the United States (and the first station west of the Mississippi), KSLU has since developed into a fully-fledged student run organization on SLU’s campus. Boasting two online streams to accommodate both college radio programming and KSLU Sports, the station also possesses a recording studio, a music reviewing committee, a writing team, and many outlets for promotion. Participants in KSLU’s early-entrance program will receive training on all of the professional equipment the station possesses, meet the director’s staff, engage with local professionals in the community, and gain the experience necessary to host a radio show immediately in the fall.



The Saint Louis University Television Network is SLU’s student run TV station, broadcasting 24 hours a day on campus cable channel 22, with live content streamed online via our website. At SLU-TV, we air student produced content, as well as movies and on-campus events. SLU-TV's largest operation is SLU News 22, where we cover campus and local news, interviewing as well as other important figures in the community.


The University News

Founded in 1921, The University News is an entirely student-run newspaper at Saint Louis University located in St. Louis, MO. Since there is not a journalism program at Saint Louis University, all editorial content is developed by a staff of student editors, and all advertisements are sold by a staff of student sales associates. The University News is chartered through Saint Louis University’s Board of Trustees, and is published every Thursday during the academic year.