Atlas TI

Learning about how to purchase Atlas TI

The University has purchased a set number of Atlas TI licenses that we resale to students. These licenses are purchased on an annual basis and are valid from February 5 to February 4 the following year.

There are hardware and software specifics in order to install Atlas TI. Prior to purchasing, please check the requirements to ensure proper installation.

The cost to students is $75* per license per year (the price is same regardless of when the license is purchased from ITS.)

Software purchases are made with Billiken Bucks, Credit Card, or Cash. To purchase the license and to obtain a copy of Atlas TI, please come into the Tech Services Center (BSC Room 137).

For more information about Atlas TI, please visit the software's website.

*There is a $15 fee not included in the price for obtaining a copy of the media for installation. Students are encouraged to bring in their laptop to have the software installed to avoid this fee.

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