Saint Louis University

SLU students are offered great discounts through Apple, CDWG, Dell and HP. Looking for recommendations on what to get? The Student Service Desk understands your frustrations and has some minimum requirements for all students here on campus.

As a SLU student, you are eligible to receive discounts. These discounts vary based on special promotions from each company and each vendor has specific ways to receive SLU's discount. 


Computer Discounts

Additional Hardware Discounts

Software Discounts


What about security for my students laptop or desktop?

LoJack for Laptops has partnered with Saint Louis University to provide a safe recovery solution for students' stolen laptops and protection of sensitive data.
Subscription Includes:

    • Peace of mind: Your laptop is protected from theft
    • Theft Recovery Service: If your laptop is lost or stolen, we help get it back
    • Data Protection: Remotely lock your stolen computer to prevent identity theft
    • Help at any hour: 24/7 customer service
    • Auto-renewal service so your laptop is always protected

For pricing and more information, visit the Saint Louis University landing page.