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Section 1 - About the Program


We are a technology internship program at Saint Louis University initiated to provide the technology support needs of our SLU students, faculty, and staff and to translate information technologies into an academic and professional value for our community.

We strive to develop experienced and professional students upon graduation. We continually improve our services in order to meet the needs of our community and help them achieve their goals.

ITS Intern Vision Statement

The ITS Intern Program will provide the ability to stretch expectations, aspirations, and accomplishment of ITS Interns and the University Community, by providing highly practical training and experiences to increase individual members' expertise and potential in Information Technology Services fields. This capacity uses all information, technologies, and resources to ensure SLU's position as the finest Catholic university in the nation.

Increasing Intern Effectiveness: Ways to enhance student experience

  • Encouraging interns to have an active voice in departmental processes
  • Clear expectations: Interns with well-defined, clear tasks and responsibilities will perform better
  • Mentoring: Interns with supervisors prepared to act as a mentor will have greater experiences and have opportunity to learn more.
  • Reflection: Interns who are asked to reflect on their experience and associate it with their academic work will be able to enhance their learning


  • To provide an environment in which to learn about and enjoy using computers.
  • To provide technology and technical assistance to our SLU community.
  • The IT Intern Program recognizes the value of professional development and personal growth that's why we count training a top priority. The IT Intern Program will provide a wide variety of technical and professional training to its employees as well as to SLU students.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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