Saint Louis University

Laptop Information

Saint Louis University School of Law strongly recommends, but does not require, law students own a personal laptop computer for use throughout their law school career. Computers play a significant role in nearly every aspect of legal education and most students find that a laptop is an invaluable tool in the classroom. Having a personal laptop allows students to easily capture and organize lecture notes, access online course materials, and utilize online legal research services. Additionally, most exams may be taken using computer-based testing software, which many students find preferable to handwriting their answers.

Laptop Recommendation

While students are able to bring any computing device they prefer, it is important to note that while all SLU LAW systems are compatible with both Windows and Mac, some third-party services and software may not be available to Mac laptops. For example, several legal research software titles provided by WestLaw and LexisNexis are currently only available to the Windows platform.

For the Law School recommendations please visit their website.