Let Your Major Be Your Guide - School of Public Health

The School of Public Health has two sets of standard Laptop standards for students:

  1. Students taking introductory and intermediate level biostatistics and epidemiology courses, including BST-500, BST-510, and EPI-502
  2. Students taking advanced biostatistics and epidemiology courses, including BST-520, BST-521, BST-540 and EPI-601

Special notes about School of Public Health system requirements:

  • All students will be required to bring their laptops to New Student Orientation for configuration. A special helpdesk will be available during the New Student Orientation to walk the students through the SLU wireless setup and Symantec Antivirus installation.
  • All software required for specific classes must be installed prior to student orientation. 
  • Students must contact the appropriate vendor to resolve any hardware or software issues.
  • Students will be responsible for file backups. It is recommended that the student purchase and use an external USB thumb drive or hard drive to backup all files.
  • SLU will not be responsible for lost or stolen laptops.
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