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The TSC and TSC-South are is here for you. The TSC located in the BSC is open during the semester 7 days a week, and the TSC-South located in Caroline Hall is open during the week days. Click here for our hours.

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 Staffed by two full-time ITS employees and a talented group of student interns, the tech center provides many services that are focused around supporting the SLU community. As we strive to provide excellent service, we developed a mission, a plan, and goals to help guide the way.  

Our Mission and Plan:

Support and enhance the vision, mission and values of Saint Louis University by providing effective and reliable technology services for all students within the Saint Louis University student community.

As the primary provider of technology and technology services for students at Saint Louis University, the Tech Service Center (BSC-TSC) is committed to growth and innovation that is in line with the University mission and vision. In combination with Information Technology Service (ITS) division, a strategic plan was developed to help establish direction, focus division efforts on clear priorities, operate more efficiently, and build confidence and trust across the student community.

Strategic goals

These five strategic goals set our direction and provide the basis for our annual planning to help accomplish our mission:

Customer First-- Focus on building and delivering services that meet or exceed our student needs.

Invest Wisely-- Manage the prioritization and allocation of technology resources in alignment with the University strategies and goals.

Transparency-- Actively engage the student community in interactive communication.

Build to Last-- Establish clear processes and policies to support and enable consistency, reliability, security and performance.

Raise the Bar-- Cultivate a mission-driven, results-oriented, high-performance culture.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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