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Hotel Accommodations Policies & Procedures

Saint Louis University's owned and operated on-campus hotels, Hotel Ignacio & the Water Tower Inn, are the required accommodations for overnight guests of the University. Before reservations outside WTI & Hotel Ignacio are made, departments are required to obtain written confirmation from both WTI & Hotel Ignacio confirming there are no rooms available for the requested dates. Payment for outside hotels will only be processed after the above documentation has been e-mailed to (for Frost Departments) or (for medical or research departments).  In addition, for any outside hotels a purchase order must be obtained prior to guest check-in.  


Hotel Ignacio

Reservations at Hotel Ignacio can be made by contacting, or calling reservations at (314) 977-4412. Any Saint Louis University department paying for guest stays should submit a Purchase Requisition (PO) number at the time of making the reservation. PO should be made out to Hotel Ignacio (Banner # 000431314)

For additional information regarding hotel location, amenities, or dining and entertainment, please visit the Hotel Ignacio website:

Please direct any concerns, guest feedback, or suggestions to John Koenig at (314) 977-3725, or


Water Tower Inn

Departments placing reservations should call the hotel directly and specify the dates of the stay (arrival and departure dates), the number of rooms, the name(s) of the guest(s), the relationship of the guest(s) to the University, and the desired accommodations. Please provide the name and e-mail address of the contact person in your department. Confirmation of reservations will be sent via e-mail to this person.

After confirmation of the reservation by the Water Tower Inn, the department must immediately complete an On-line Inter-Departmental Order (IDO) that includes the following: the reservation information (i.e., arrival and departure dates, number of rooms, name(s) of the guest(s), relationship of the guest(s) to the University, and desired accommodations), the hotel confirmation number, and the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the contact person. The completed IDO requisition will follow the same electronic approval routing as purchase requisitions generated by your department, with the Water Tower Inn as the final destination. Charges will be recorded following guest departure.

For additional information please call the reservation desk at (314) 977-7500, or visit the Water Tower Inn web site.

Please direct any concerns, guest feedback, or suggestions to John Koenig at (314) 977-3725 or

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