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Cancel or Change a Purchase Order

Cancel a Purchase Order

A purchase order should be closed or cancelled to release encumbered budget funds if all invoices against the order have been received and no additional expenditures are anticipated.

An e-mail should be forwarded to Financial Commitment ( to request the closing or cancellation of a purchase order.

Change a Purchase Order

A change order is a requisition to modify an existing purchase order. Change order requisitions may be used to increase or decrease the purchase order, but should not be used to close or cancel a purchase order.

A purchase requisition should be processed to initiate a change order. To indicate that the requisition is a change order, the purchase order number to be modified and change order number must be noted in the Document Text field and in Item text. The Item text should state the amount of the change and the resulting revised purchase order total. After the change order requisition has received all required approvals, Financial Commitment will revise the original purchase order.

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