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Purchase Orders

A purchase order is the official document which authorizes the procurement of goods and services from a vendor for which the University will be financially liable.

To initiate a purchase order, the requisitioning department must complete a purchase requisition which will be electronically routed to pre-determined individuals for approval. After reviewing approved purchase requisitions, Financial Commitment will issue a purchase order to the vendor. A copy of the Purchase Order will be forwarded to the requisitioning department via email.

Purchase orders in Billiken Buy begin with an EP and purchase order numbers in Banner are a seven digit number preceded by an alpha character as identified below.

  • P - Purchase Order With Amount Greater Than $100.00
  • U - Lease Standing Order (Multiple Payments) Maintenance/Lease
  • S - Standing Order (Multiple Orders and Payments)
  • K - Utilities Purchase Order
  • E - Emergency Purchase Order
  • C - Check Enclosed Order
  • W - Work Order for Construction/Renovation Project (Facilities Services)

Orders which require an enclosed check will be forwarded to Accounts Payable with supporting documentation for processing by the Central Processing Center (CPC).

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