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Standing Purchase Orders

To reduce time, paperwork, and administrative expense, departments may request a standing purchase order which allows multiple orders to be placed against a single purchase order for repetitive or small dollar orders and bulk supplies and materials. Standing orders allow departments to order items and services on an as-needed basis from the specified vendor by referencing the previously assigned standing purchase order number.

To establish a standing order, a purchase requisition should be submitted at the beginning of the fiscal year. The amount of the requisition should be the total amount expected to be purchased from the vendor during the fiscal year. Standing Orders can also be issued during the fiscal year as needed. 

Note:  Standing Orders will follow the same competitive bid requirements as standard Purchase Orders.  If the original Standing Order exceeds $5,000, regardless of the value of each individual delivery against that order, competitive bids or a sole source document will be required.  

Purchases against standing orders should be closely monitored by the requesting department to ensure that sufficient funds remain in the purchase order to cover all outstanding invoices and future orders. A change order (POCA) should be processed immediately whenever it is determined that the standing order will require additional funds.

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