Saint Louis University

Vendor Discounts

The Purchasing Department regularly negotiates volume discount purchasing agreements with various vendors. The University will pursue vendor discounts and volume purchase agreements based on its educational, not-for-profit status and the purchasing level of commonly used products. A University vendor list has been compiled by Purchasing.

Product/Vendor Substitutions

Purchasing will not change specifications or make product substitutions without the approval of the requisitioning department. Purchasing may, however, question the quality of the type of material requested to ensure the best interests of the University are being served.

Purchasing is responsible for the selection of product sources and vendors. Suppliers suggested by the requisitioning department may be considered unless the exact product is available from an established University vendor. If materials or service must be furnished by a particular vendor, justification must be submitted with the requisition.

Departmental requirements for a specific product or service will be of the utmost importance. Purchasing is responsible for ensuring that the value received by the University is maximized.

Vendor Search: (FTIIDEN)

To focus your search and minimize the list of potential vendors, go into Banner and the FTIIDEN screen.

Vendor names include no abbreviations and no punctuation except apostrophes.

The vendor search screen contains room for fifteen vendors: To view additional vendors that match the selection criteria, press the down arrow.

All organizations (e.g. associations, academies, societies, etc.) may be searched for by the acronym.

The full name of the organization will appear in the requisition when the vendor has been selected. Vendor's which include an individual's name should be searched for by the last name. For example %Wiley% should be entered in the "last name" column when searching for John Wiley and Sons.

University, city and state names are listed under the name of the state. For example, "Missouri" should be entered in the "last name" column field when searching for University of Missouri or the State of Missouri.