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Standard Register Vendor Program

Standard Register LogoAfter a lengthy and collaborative competitive bid process, Standard Register was awarded a multi-year contract for the following services: online document management (currently known as Kinko's DocStore), online stationery program (currently managed by Curtis 1000), and a new print-on-demand program named SMARTworks.

Business Services, in conjunction with Marketing, initiated discussions and engaged vendors to present an all-encompassing print program for Saint Louis University. With 95 years of printing experience, Standard Register quickly identified themselves as a front runner in the printing industry. Their strong local presence in the healthcare industry coupled with their large print production facility in Earth City made their selection even more appealing. In addition, all printing deliveries will now be brought directly to your desktop via a local courier service.

A Standard Register representative will also be reaching out to departments that currently have documents stored on the DocStore site as those documents will need to be reviewed and loaded on the new site.

As a University, we have enjoyed a flat printing rate from Kinko's and then Curtis 1000 for three consecutive years. Costs of production and paper have increased tremendously over the years and all printing prices will incur varying increases. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that each department's stationery printing needs be reviewed, and if needed, ordered prior to the end of the fiscal year.

Standard Register is an exemplary company the University can partner and grow with into the future. Preferred and exclusive vendors for printing services need to be utilized. Business Services will continue to thoroughly review all requisitions submitted for printing and will redirect to Standard Register when appropriate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jacob Prange at

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