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Year End Requisitioning Procedures

Requisitioning Procedures for Fiscal Year End

To ensure that new year purchase orders are available for use by July 1, purchase requisitions may now be processed against the new fiscal year. During the month of June, requisitions may be processed against either FY 2016 or FY 2017.

Effective June 6, Internet Native Banner (INB) will be available for the processing of new year requisitions. Please see the following instructions for processing purchase requisitions during fiscal year end.

FY 2016 and FY 2017 Purchase Orders:

Fiscal Year: Please note the importance of correctly entering the Transaction and Delivery Dates at the FPAREQN Requisition Entry: Requestor/Delivery Information window in Internet Native Banner (INB). The Transaction Date determines the fiscal year to which the transaction is recorded. The transaction date defaults to the current date and should not be changed unless the user is creating a new fiscal year requisition. For goods/services to be delivered by June 30, 2016, let the Order and Transaction Dates default to the current date. Enter a Delivery Date of June 30, 2016, or earlier. For FY 2017 standing orders and other orders to be delivered on or after July 1, 2016, let the Order Date default to the current date, change the Transaction Date to July 1, 2016, and change the Delivery Date to July 1, 2016. Please note that requisitions created in the incorrect fiscal year will be disapproved by the Commitment Office so that the user may correct the transaction and delivery dates, as necessary.


FY 2017 Standing Purchase Orders:

Comments: For all requisitions to initiate standing orders, enter clause (standard text) codes "S004" and "S005" at the Procurement Text Entry window. This window may be accessed from the Vendor Information FPAREQN window by clicking Options, Document Text (FOAPOXT) from the menu bar. The following standard text messages will appear on the purchase orders:

Standing Order covering the period through 6/30/2017

This order is based on the estimated needs of the department noted above and should not be construed as a contractual agreement. Please ship only as requested.

The Central Processing Center requests that users enter detailed information, including your department name, vendor account number, and/or equipment serial number, in the Description field at the Commodity / Accounting window.   This will ensure that CPC - Accounts Payable has sufficient information to follow up on any questions, and to apply invoices to the correct PO's.  Examples of text include (limit 40 characters):

SO Chemistry Lab Supplies

Ob/Gyn; account 15685; parking Bellevue

Axxxxxx - Begin travel-related expense description with the trip number

The Commodity/Accounting Description (limit 40 characters) field also displays on the remittance, which helps the vendor to apply payments correctly. 

Users may continue to enter additional item text (click Options, Item Text at the FPAREQN Commodity/Accounting window) as necessary.

Authorized Users: Note the authorized users of the orders in the Text Block of the Procurement Text Entry window.

FY 2016 Purchase Order Number: If you can, please reference the old year purchase order number for purchase requisitions.

Text: "This order replaces S0______."


FY 2017 Lease Purchase Orders:

Lease Information: For requisitions for lease contracts, include your department name and the description of the equipment (e.g., make and model) in the Description field at the Commodity/Accounting FPAREQN window.  Include the information identified below as Item Text by clicking Options, Item Text (FOAPOXT) from the menu bar after entering the description.  A separate line item should be created for maintenance charges, if applicable.

1. Months ___ thru ____ of a ___ month lease (e.g., payments 13 through 24 of a 36 month lease.)

Comments: For all leased products/services, a "U" purchase order will be created.

FY 2016 Purchase Order Number: If you can, please reference the old year purchase order number for purchase requisitions.

Text: "This order replaces U0______."

Requisition Copy Option:

Users have the option of copying a requisition created in Internet Native Banner once the requisition is completed and approved by the Commitment Office (Medical Center Finance, CPC-Financial Commitment). See Copying a Requisition-Quick Summary, or Lesson 2-5 in the Finance Navigation, Requisition, and Approvals manual for further instructions.

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